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Lost local HD

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A couple, perhaps three, firmware updates ago I lost a local in HD in Cleveland, Channel 3. I am certain it was related to the update or whatever resets when you get one, it happened instantly when it downloaded.

I have had this in the past with updates and I would just wait it out and the next update always seemed to fix it. But not this time. I have warm and cold rebooted, deleted all the channels and rescanned...reset to factory defaults. Everything I could think of.

I have always had a very solid signal always been low to mid 90's, and the TV upstairs that is not on Dish pulls it just fine. I was very careful in picking the antenna and pointing it...the cable feed is all top of the line stuff.....

In fact I can see their antenna from my roof, as I can see the other majors in town. :)

Any ideas on what I should try next?

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Tonik said:
Any ideas on what I should try next?
Try re-scanning for DTV locals.

NOTE: I'm assuming that you've already tested to verify that the OTA cable plugged into the 811 has a useable signal on it. That the TV upstairs works is not good enough.
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