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Lost Local OTA Channels on HR20 after recovering other HD stations

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I was watching HD earlier today and all the sudden I lost all the new HD stations, e.g., 501, 231 etc. DirecTV had me set up my Satellite Connection again but it did not help and they set up a service call for Monday. After I hung up I realized they never had me reset the receiver so I reset through the menu. I then regained all HD stations. I now realized I lost all my OTA stations through my Antenna hookup. I am getting the message that DirecTV needs to activate OTA service. I have called them again and they had me reset by unplugging but to no avail. They also hung up on me while I was waiting for the receiver to come back up. I called back again and this time they wanted me to hit the little red button. I did not want to do that because I read somewhere that I could possibly loose all my recordings. I have decided to wait for the tech on Monday but I do not have much confidence.

Is there something I can check to see if I can get my OTA working again? Signal Strength is fine
Is it O.K. to hit the little red button?
Is it time to replace my HR20?

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You might just need to repeat the "Off Air Setup" process to reactivate your OTA reception.
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