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Lost Local OTA Channels on HR20 after recovering other HD stations

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I was watching HD earlier today and all the sudden I lost all the new HD stations, e.g., 501, 231 etc. DirecTV had me set up my Satellite Connection again but it did not help and they set up a service call for Monday. After I hung up I realized they never had me reset the receiver so I reset through the menu. I then regained all HD stations. I now realized I lost all my OTA stations through my Antenna hookup. I am getting the message that DirecTV needs to activate OTA service. I have called them again and they had me reset by unplugging but to no avail. They also hung up on me while I was waiting for the receiver to come back up. I called back again and this time they wanted me to hit the little red button. I did not want to do that because I read somewhere that I could possibly loose all my recordings. I have decided to wait for the tech on Monday but I do not have much confidence.

Is there something I can check to see if I can get my OTA working again? Signal Strength is fine
Is it O.K. to hit the little red button?
Is it time to replace my HR20?

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Nothing terrible. The reason it is not good to do it all the time as it is an instant stop on anything running and thus sometimes data can get corrupted and thus lost. Does it happen a lot? No, but if not necessary it is best to not have to use a RBR. Doing it when needed is no problem though.
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