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Lost Manual Records

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I've had my R15 for less than a week now, and I'm not surprised that this morning, it wouldn't turn on.

The reset button did nothing, so I cycled power.

That seemed to do it.

As expected my guide was empty.

Although still listed in my prioritizer, my recurring manual recordings were no longer in the todo list.

I guess the honeymoon is over.
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I never would have thought you needed a guide for a manual record.

I have so much to learn.
Going into the menu structure and selecting a manual recording, and entering a time and channel.

BTW, the unit (while playing from MyVOD) just went to Powering Up...

I don't think I lost anything except the guide.

I'm totally disgusted with the software in R15. It's worse than anything I've ever shipped as Beta. It takes nerve to ship something like this.
qwerty said:
What temp is it running at? (menu/settings/setup/info & test) It sounds like it might be overheating. A common cause of spontaneous reboots in PC's.
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