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Lost whole home

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I hate Sundays! First my netgear router died and I had to go buy a replacement. Then late last night the whole home just stop working with both H25's. I could use Direct2pc on the desk top and see/play recorded programs from the HR34. Did multi reboots of the H25's and would get a blank screen for recorded programs. I finally decided to reboot the HR34 and got things back to NORMAL. I just love electronics when they work and hate them when they don't work!
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Not sure if it was related to your router swap, "but" next time check the IP addresses as that might have been the problem.
I had checked the I.P. addresses. No conflict. The whole time I was messing with the problem, Direct2pc would work. Just plain odd. It works now which is good!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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