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I have never seen this happen before but thought it was cool.

I had wanted to set up a SL for The Finder (on Fox) but lost track of when it was debuting. Last night I sat down to watch tv around 8:30 (Finder comes on at 8 here) and realized I had missed half of it. I set up the SL anyway figuring I would catch this episode some time later but would get the rest of the season. The tv was on NBC at the time. Apparently the "back" tuner (the one not being watched) was still on Fox from recording Bones. I managed to get the entire Finder episode.

Probably nothing we can really count on in the future because who keeps track of what the second tuner is on when just watching tv? I just thought it was cool to for once get a surprise full recording when I was only expecting to get half the show. Especially when you hear so many complaints about missed recording (for one reason or another)
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