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I was wondering if anyone is having a HR34 with macroblocking problems when streaming from another DVR via MRV?
When I am watching a recording from my other DVR, a HR24-200, on the HR34 in my living room, the recording often breaks up and has what I would call alot of macroblocking in it.
It does not do this on the HR24-200 when I watch a recording on it that is streamed from the HR34.
Previously I had a HR24-500 and did not have this problem with it and the HR34. Unfortunately the hard drive in that HR24-500 died, and DirecTV came out and brought me this new HR24-200. Since that time I have had this problem on and off.
The problem does not occur all of the time either. I can usually fix it by unplugging both receivers for a little while and then plugging them back up.
They are hooked together using DECA, not ethernet.
I replaced the splitter over the weekend to rule out that the splitter was not the problem.
This seemed to help quite a bit, and I did not have any problems until yesterday evening.
I was wondering if anyone else with a HR34 is having similar problems?
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