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Mad Men "For Those Who Think Young" 7/27/2008

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They made use of the Jacqueline Kennedy White House Tour CBS/NBC News special from Feb. 14, 1962 to show how different characters were affected by the "Camelot" thing. AMCtv.com is offering streaming video of that entire 1962 special if you're interested in historical artifacts.

Also this episode was a rating hit for AMC. See 'Mad Men' A Hit? Try A Whopping TWO Million Viewers
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Lee L said:
I have enjoyed them so far, but this show seriously makes me wish the next episode came on the next day. I want to know the answers now darnit! ;)

I will have to say that I had never heard that Jackie O special and she has a very irritating speech cadence that actually makes me really glad I was born in 1970 so I never had to hear it.
I thought that back then. But years after that I heard her talk on some interview and it made me think she was just really uptight for that show.
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