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Mad Men "Six Month Leave" OAD 9/28/08

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From Wikipedia:
Freddy Rumsen strikes out during a pitch meeting with his team; ever-eager Pete seizes a chance to exploit an opportunity at the office; an old friend is the beneficiary of Don's loyalty; Sara Beth proves to be a welcome ally for Betty.
At least personally, I felt that this episode was a little lighter than previous weeks. I needed a few extra days before I tackled this show again.

I felt bad for Freddy... his character echoed Willie Loman in Death of a Salesman although he showed more dignity than Loman did. I feel bad for characters like that, and I did sense that Don realized there could come a time (1980? 1985?) when he could be the one who is on the one-way train out.

Betty still hasn't let Don back in the house, and that's a shame. I do think the writers are going the wrong direction with that, but I'm also confident that Don will come back and the Drapers will work through this. At least she's healing somewhat, and her dignity is slowly returning.

All in all, this episode allowed us to exhale slightly, all the while giving us a bit of insight into the way the death of a celebrity affects people.
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I thought for sure that Betty was setting things up with Horse guy so she could hook up with him. I was actually pleased to see her just doing an old fashion set up for her friend though.
Best shot of the show... and not because it was titillating:

Roger explaining how he didn't understand people who took a celebrity's death personally, with Joan silhouetted to the left of the screen, from the head down. She obviously felt sympathetic with the late Ms. Monroe for the way her cohort objectified her.

We're heading toward the last few episodes of the season, and hopefully by next year DIRECTV will see fit to gift us with AMC-HD.
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