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From Wikipedia:
Problems surface on the set of a commercial shoot while Don plays hooky from the office; ever-ambitious, career-minded Harry musters support for a sponsorship plagued by controversy; Betty steps in to help Don when he arranges a dinner to placate his upset clients.
This show gets more and more solid. I was so pleased to see the way Betty's situation in the stable was handled, in contrast to Don's in the car. Without spoiling too much, it's nice to see that some people in this fictional 1962 are essentially decent.

Noticeably missing from this episode... Pete Campbell. Of course it's an ensemble cast and people will be spotlighted and then ignored, but I am very interested to see where this character goes. I look at him as I saw ER's John Carter. He could grow to run Sterling Cooper, and the story of how he gets there, and what he has to sacrifice, could really be the "real" story of Mad Men.

I always end up glad I see an episode of this show, and often it's because of Mr. Hamm's portrayal of Don Draper. For all the smoking, boozing, womanizing, for all the control he has at home and at work, he carries a huge burden on his shoulders. There is subtlety to the way Mr. Hamm lets Don's regrets and stresses show in his face. I can't think of a character who has shown that sort of quiet stress so well.
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