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Madden-Michaels duo already a hit

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I was impressed by Madden last night. Madden didn't have an overaged Pat Summerall trying to do play-by-play. Instead, he has the capable, if not one of the best, play-by-play guys for football out there in Al Michaels.

Looking forward to FOOTBALL from MNF, not a smarmy Dennis Miller making incoherent references/jokes.

I think Michaels and Madden will make a good team, not necessarily a great one. The main problem is that Madden is, frankly, not the analyst that he once was. It seems to be more about schtick than substance with him now.

It's too bad Fouts couldn't have been retained as part of a three-man crew. He could have offered more of a meat-and-potatoes analysis of the game play, leaving Madden free to telestrate circles around people in the stands and make up fun new words like "cankles". But apparently ABC feared they wouldn't be able to land the big guy unless they made him sole analyst.

Oh, well. Fouts gets to work college games with the great Keith Jackson now, not bad for a "demotion". And Michaels is bound to be better than Pat Summerall at digressing from Madden's ramblings to inform viewers what's actually transpiring on the field.

Meanwhile, aspiring media critics should mark their calenders for next Friday. That's when Fox's new #1 crew of Joe Buck, Cris Collinsworth and Troy Aikman makes its public debut.
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Originally posted by John Corn
Oh, well. Fouts gets to work college games with the great Keith Jackson now, not bad for a "demotion".
You know, I really liked Fouts. He is a great analyst who always gets overlook. He and Keith Jackson made a great pair a couple of years ago, so I assume they'll be able to catch that magic. Is Keith still just going to do Pac-10 games this year??? I hate wasting him with the rest of the country. :D
I'm just glad John Madden is on MNF so I'll know in advance that there'll be no audio at my house. The one down side of NFL Sunday Ticket has always been knowing that Madden is out there somewhere.
I like Fouts as well. I have a little story about Dan.

Back in 1980.....I think.....I was at the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. It was Green Bay vs San Diego, the game ended abruptly in the 4th quater because of lightning, as the player jogged back to the dressing room I asked Dan Fouts for his autograph, as he was jogging in, he took his jersey off and threw it to me..........I never will forget that day.
Thats a great story! I almost feel like getting a Coke... :D
:lol:......I was going to add that too, Sounds just like the Mean Joe Greene commercial. Coke must have seen that happen and stole the idea.
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