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Major issues. Was working great, now stopped connecting.

I have the following setup with a NON-SWM wired connection throughout home.

(Running through a switch, with a htpc and xbox also connected)
(Running through a switch, with another computer also connected)
(directly to router)

All were working fine with Whole-Home and On-Demand. The whole-home does not see any recievers, and I can not connect to the internet portion anymore. It will not auto-assign the proper IP's anymore either. I have reset to defaults, reset router, restarted receivers, all with no success. I do notice that I have the HD gui, and it seems ever since then I have not been able to get it all connected. Some parts would connect some of the time, but after a movie would start downloading, I would get the problem with internet connection fix now, continue fix later pop up.

I know the HR24 have the DECA internal, but I believe I have disabled it do to leaving ethernet cable plugged in on a restart.

Any ideas? Is the new software forcing DECA management, and SWM installs?
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