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***** Please ignore this if you have sensitive eyes!!! ******

I am as MAD at AMC as I am DISH about this fracking fiasco.

These constant attempts by crawls messing up/ interrupting my viewing please (I paid for it FRACK OFF, go PI$$ somewhere else) and the add against DISH, STOP IT!!

Two Billionaires in a P__sing contest.

Us CHUMP customers are stuck in the middle, DISH breaks a legitimate contract (back when) now AMC parent just might get $100's of millions from breach of contract by Dish (losing 'on purpose' pertinent contract/ etc data or whatever it was - don't care don't give a S&*T).

Here we are stuck, hearing these a$$wipes sticking it to us.

AMC wants us to switch to DTV or cable, I want them to come to terms with DISH, but FRACK all they anger me!

Boy it SUCKS!

Am I too subtle? :)

Thanks, steam released, pressure now resumes 'nominal' !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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