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Man with one arm nets second hole-in-one

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CLOVIS, N.M. -- A 74-year-old man who has only one arm has made his second hole-in-one.

Art Baird, who lost his right arm in an industrial accident in 1952, aced the No. 7 hole last Thursday at the Municipal Golf Course course.

Baird has a standard reply for those who wonder how someone can make a hole-in-one with only one arm.

In his words: "That's all I brought with me.''

Baird made his first hole-in-one in Apache Junction Arizona, in 1991.

After his accident, Baird began swinging a golf club to strengthen his left wrist.

"Then one of my friends decided that as long as I could swing a club, I might as well go to a driving range,'' Baird said.

*sigh*....with 2 arms it seems to me I've never been close to a hole in one......:shrug:

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