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Manual (or not?) Recording + History = BUG!!

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Alright, I've posted, and seen some posts about this in other slightly OT threads, but this has become a real problem: If I've got something in the History that has been canceled, I can't schedule it to record again--I think the History overrides it and I want a way to wipe out the History!

Example 1: I catch a 1/2 hour of CNN Headline News every morning, but have to set up a Manual recording of it (otherwise, it's several hours long of the same 1/2 hour news lineup repeating). So, I set a manual record for 5AM, 28 min length, everyday. Theye were recording fine, then something happened and it missed a recording (I think I had re-run the sat/ant setup). Then it missed it again the next day, and the day after that. So, I canceled it from the To-do list: each individual recording was there, and after canceling one by itself and the others still showed up as scheduled, I found I could go into the Prioritizer and cancel the "series" from there (which I did). So, they all show up in the History now as canceled. Next, I rescheduled the same manual recording, the same procedure, everything, as the first time I set it up. Voila! It STILL didn't record the program, even though it did show up in the To-do list. I canceled it all out again, just so it wasn't filling up the To-do list with extra crapola.

Here's the kicker: When I canceled the manual "series", there were only 14 "episodes" in the To-do list. Those all showed up afterwards in the History as canceled. After a couple days, I went back into the History and looked again, and apparently it was adding new episodes (beyond the original 14 that had been canceled) to the History and listing them as canceled, too.

Example 2: So next, I set up another manual recording of the same thing, except instead of starting at 5AM, I set it for 5:30AM. It started recording that fine. Then, this past Wednesday when 0xDC came down, it didn't record the program. OK, so I waited for the next day since maybe the download interrupted it and it was a one-off event. Nope: the next 2 days, it still didn't record it, even though it was listed in the To-do list the night before (I was checking), as well as the programs over the next 14 days. I've gone ahead and canceled this manual series out, too, so it doesn't show up in the To-do list when it's not recording as scheduled. BUT, it keeps adding to the History, but listed as canceled, the new "episodes" of that manual series, as the days tick by.

Here's what I mean by History continuing to add as canceled these manual series:
I canceled the 5AM manual series on Oct. 2, and last entry in History of the series was Oct. 16 and listed as canceled. On Oct. 3rd, it then showed an episode for Oct. 17 as canceled. Right now, it shows up to Oct. 26 as canceled for that 5AM series. It was Oct. 2nd when I canceled the 5AM series the first time and tried to reschedule it. It was Oct. 5 when I scheduled the 5:30AM version, and Oct. 11 when the first episode of that one didn't record. It was yesterday, Oct. 13, when I canceled the 5:30AM version after it didn't record for the third time, but currently it shows up to 0ct. 21 as canceled for that one in History.

Must be some kind of software gremlin in there hosing this. I want at least a way to completely wipe the History clean (don't really care to have it anyways, but I'm sure someone else probably does) WITHOUT having to reformat the drive and lose all the existing recordings and scheduled recordings. Can we have this, please, please?? :nono2: :mad:
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Recurring manual recordings seem to have all kinds of issues. The last software update seems to have produced one maybe slightly positive development.

I've been trying to manually record the 3am SportsCenter ever since I got my box. Like you, I found that it would record once or twice, and then never record again -- in fact, it wouldn't even schedule a recording. Since the last software update, my everyday manual SportsCenter recording caused it to schedule recordings. Only problem was they were all one week later! Another curiosity -- I see 3 copies of the scheduled recording in the to-do list. I'm waiting to see what will actually happen this Wednesday, when the recordings are scheduled to start.

I have no idea what is going on, but I do find it surprising that manual recording should be this difficult. Seems like that's about the easiest thing you could do with the box. But what do I know....:nono2:
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