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fluffybear said:
I think he would make a great owner and would do wonders for the Cubs
I think he'd make a better owner for the Texas Rangers :D

Seriously, he would be, I think, a good owner to have in MLB though I'm not so sure that Bud Selig and some of his friends would agree. Cuban is not someone that would keep his mouth shut about anything, and he wouldn't necessarily be someone that would be tight with his wallet in paying players. I'd think someone like Reinsdorf (owner of the White Sox) and others that might be trying to keep salaries down wouldn't be happy to see Cuban as an owner that might bid against them for talent and/or might drive up salaries but on the other hand Cuban is a very smart business man and is pretty good at marketing. I could see where they'd like to bring that expertise into the league :)

Should be fun to keep watching the bidding war and see who finally wins though.

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i dont care which team he buys .... just get him in the league ..hehehehe
agree it would be nice for him to own the rangers .....if ever there was city that needed convertible roof on the stadium ,,,,wow the texas heat can be a killer ..

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I can't believe the naivete of those who actually believe Cuban would be the owner of the Cubs, or any other Major League Baseball team! You guys don't have a clue. There's no way the owners of MLB approve Cuban's buying the team.

There is no group of professional sports owners stodgier and more set in their ways than MLB owners. They do NOT want some young billionaire who's a mover and a shaker among their ranks. They are NOT going to tolerate someone who constantly makes news and injects himself into so many things. They are NOT going to tolerate someone who puts himself into the spotlight, thereby taking away the spotlight from the other owners.

Focus on someone else, guys. Mark Cuban will never become an owner of a Major League Baseball team. He's not "one of them."
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