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I live in Baltimore and have the HD package. Tonight I went to watch the O's in HD on 626-1 and get the message "771 Channel not purchased" but I get 626.

I thought there was some where on the web-site that I could reset the receiver? Any other suggestions?
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I am not sure why you are having a problem. I am watching it fine.

Login to DIRECTV.com and go to the bottom and select "sound & picture". Then select "Please Call Customer Service X745". Then select "clicking here" link and that will get you to the screen so you can refresh your service.
Thanks, that worked.
I posted in the CE forum, but I went to the game via the Game Mix. It attempted the Red Sox feed. Game search went on but found 626, not 626-1 or the HD game in the EI range for MASN.

Even DirecTV disses MASN's production. Thinks it is all SD!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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