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Mastec & Protection Plan fun

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Long and potentially boring alert. This isn't a complaint just some info that may be helpful.

We had a Slimline dish installed here about 18 months ago by Mastec for DirecTV under the mover's program. All of the cabling had been done beforehand and was hanging out of a hole on the side of the house for the installer. The hole was about 20 feet up off the ground.

1. The dish was installed and my signal quality has been very good...no complaints there. Everything is 93+ with many TPs at 100.

2. Unfortunately, I have just learned that the installer never bothered to seal the hole the cables were coming out of put the required braces on the Slimline.

Sealing the hole wasn't a big deal and I got it done by our roofers, but the missing braces are a problem. Our windstorm insurer has informed us that the dish was not properly installed and could be a hazard.

I have the Protection Plan thanks to the promotion DirecTV ran earlier this year.

I called DirecTV and after surfing a few menus got through to a very nice woman in Southern Oregon. She informed me:

1. The install is out of warranty (90 days) and I would have to pay $52.95 to have it fixed
2. The protection plan does not cover warranty work on a dish install.

I told her...okay...just put it on my bill. She told me she wasn't allowed to do that anymore because too many people don't pay (I've been a customer for well over 10 years and have never had a late payment). So, I gave her a credit card number. To my surprise she then told me she was going to credit back the payment (which she did as an HD Access Credit).

She then setup the appointment.

Oh, and when I went to check the order online it was called a Move Dish and was labeled as FREE.

The more you look at DirecTV the clearer it becomes that their customer service systems are in need of a major upgrade...it doesn't appear they really match their current business.
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I had a similar experience after an installation where the installer failed to use the mono-poles. I didn't think much of it until we started having some very windy days causing signal fluctuations. They told me it was out of warranty as well and I suggested that it was an improper installation. After a short wait on hold, the kind young lady returned and set up an appointment for a "re-install". I do not have the protection plan. I was not charged for their what turned out to be a total re installation. Been good since, better after I tweaked the dish:)
Interesting that they claim the PP does not contain defective installations. My reading of the PP contract is it covers the entire DirecTV system, including the dish (but they specifically exclude dishes mounted to structures that are not man-made and stationary), and covers defects in workmanship (which is what this sounds like) and repairs necessary to meet manufacturers specifications.
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