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After a lot of back and forth with thoughts of going to D* after the AMC dispute I think we are just sticking with E* for now.

Here is our setup (ranch house):

  • One 722k
  • One Dish (installed 09/2010) I don't know the model of dish we have
  • One RG6 from attic to basement where the 722k is. From the basement the 722k HDMI is split to our home theater projector and to the upstairs family room. TV2 split through the bedrooms.

We want to add a second HD tuner for our theater room as cheaply as we can. Probably a 211k or 222k (actually cheaper right now). They are both pretty good priced at solidsignal right now.

How can I split the RG6 we already have feeding the basement? The receivers would both be located in the basement media closet. Is this even possible without another run to the basement? If so, what switch do I need etc.? thanks

EDIT: Nevermind. Everything I've found says I need a homerun back to the dish LNB. I won't be able to do it anytime soon so I'll have to scrap the idea for now.

Mr. FixAnything
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Technically speaking ... if it one stacked cable (both polarity are there, using 950-1450 and 1650-2150 MHz) from one DP LNBF/one satellite ...and using diode's isolation of DC from all receivers ... you could use 2-4-8-16-32-way splitter rated by all parameters above.
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You can run a RG-6 cable from the LNB directly to the receiver using a separator at the receiver for the different satellite feeds. You would use 2 diplexers if you are using a TV 2 setup and back feeding from the receiver to the TV 2 location. I can send you diagrams if you need them. Please PM me your email address. Thanks.

satcrazy said:
P Smith said:
From a switch or from LNBF.

What kind of switch? I have 1 222k, thinking about buying a second for bedroom with HD. So how do I do this? I guess a 211 would work also, don't realy need a dual tuner for tv 2.
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