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Just installed my two wall mount units for VOD and I am only getting speeds of 21.71 mbps and 35.21 mbps.

Do I have to enter the password for the device on my computer?

Do I have to enter the security key for my wireless connection somewhere?

Are these speeds normal? I have SBC DSL service.

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I assume you meant Mbps, not mpbs (M=mega, m=milli). Directv's On Demand servers only provide about 6 Mbps, so those speeds will be adequate.

I don't know what you mean by wall mount units. If you are referring to powerline adapters, encryption is optional and if you want to do it (using the program on the CD) you will need to make a direct ethernet connection between the adapter and a computer to do so. The technology is more secure than wireless and unless you are in a multi-family building with common power it shouldn't be an issue.

These have no relation to wireless security.
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