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TheGreatLogan said:
how does mdu works? because i have heard that sometimes when a dtv cust wanna move and will be moving to a mdu building, they have a lot of problems with them, no option to process the movers order, to convert from a regular account to a mdu account and all that. how mdu really works? what can be done? can a regular customer change to mdu and viceversa? can a regular customer move to a mdu building?
The problem generally doens't lie so much in a reg account moving to an MDU account but a reg account moving to a TMU account. DirecTV doesn't care that you move into another retail location as they just change the billing address.

However if you are moving into a property that has bulk programming then the System Operator and only the SO can request for you to be moved from a reg account to their MDU account allowing you the TMU programming.

The only other issue I can see is now that DirecTV is finally beginning to use the sales restriction flag tools. It basically tells a CSR not to dispatch a techncian out to a property who is under contract with a System Operator. As once they get out there, unless they are hooked into a basic 101 system, there is not much that a DirecTV contractor can do for the customer.
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