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The latest release 255 has definitely made media sharing video feeds or picture viewing a challenge. I have a Linksys WRT54g that talks to a Linksys WGA600n gaming adapter. I have a 60 to 70% signal strength between the wireless devices. I am using the latest Tversity version 1_0_0_3_RC2. On occasion, I can play the video feeds or view pictures, but neither function is dependable. Whenever it fails to play, the WGA600n's ethernet light and wireless light rapidly alternate off and on. Eventually, I get and unable to connect message, but the lights keep blinking. To stop the gaming adapter's blinking, I have found that setting the Network to defaults restores the gaming adapter to no blinking.

I have tried WMP-11 for picture viewing with the same results mentioned previously. Also, I tried hard wiring to no avail. I still get unable to connect or media not available.

Anyone know when the next release will be distributed? I am hoping it will improve the media share. Thanks!
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