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Media Sharing between receivers

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Does DTV have any plans to let the customers share the media on other receivers? I know when I had my old Tivo's I could network them and watch what was on the other receiver and vice-versa. I think this would be a cool think say if the DVR in the den recorded something, and I wanted to watch it in the bedroom. I know that sharing between and "R" and "HR" might not be possible, but in my case I have a HR20-700 in the den and a HR21-700 in my room, the 'storage' should be the same so they could read from each other.

Or am I a total nut, and this has been available for ever, and I am too dumb to notice it.

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I'll pass on judging if you're a "nut" or not, but what you're asking about is called Multi Room Viewing and is something that may be coming in the future.
It's been talked about for a long time (Multi Room Viewing), but is not available yet. Some of the other features which have shown up, like Media Share with files from your computer, are part of the answer. It will probably show up first as a Cutting Edge feature, so keep checking that forum.
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