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Mega Cosmos (Greek channel) - Refuses to be on DISH!

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - December 1, 2006 - EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) confirmed today that Globestar, the distributor of Mega Cosmos, stopped delivering Mega Cosmos to DISH Network for reasons beyond DISH Network's control.

As a result, DISH Network can no longer deliver the channel to its customers and is taking legal action against Globestar.

"We are very disappointed that Mega Cosmos has decided to remove their channel from DISH Network and we are doing everything we can to fight this unfair action," said Tracy Thompson, Vice President of International Programming for EchoStar. "We encourage customers to contact Mega Cosmos directly at 1-866-780-5367 during Greek business hours with concerns."

Despite the loss of Mega Cosmos, DISH Network still has the most Greek programming in the U.S. with 10 channels. DISH Network also offers other top quality Greek-language channels that provide similar programming to Mega Cosmos, such as Antenna Satellite and ERT Sat. In addition, DISH Network is the only place to find the best Greek sports, the latest Greek music and the only provider of Greek programming with discreet English subtitles. DISH Network remains committed to the Greek community and to supporting Hellenic culture to all generations of Greeks living in the United States.

For more information about DISH Network or about DISH Network?s international programming offers please visit www.dishnetwork.com, call 1-800-333-DISH (3474) or contact a local DISH Network retailer.

About EchoStar

EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) serves more than 12.755 million satellite TV customers through its DISH Network™, and is a leading U.S. provider of advanced digital television services. DISH Network?s services include hundreds of video and audio channels, Interactive TV, HDTV, sports and international programming, together with professional installation and 24-hour customer service. EchoStar has been a leader for more than 25 years in satellite TV equipment sales and support worldwide.

EchoStar is included in the Nasdaq-100 Index (NDX) and is a Fortune 500 company. Visit EchoStar?s Web site at www.echostar.com or call 1-800-333-DISH (3474).


EchoStar Communications Corporation
Heather Black, 720-514-5351
[email protected]

Source: EchoStar Communication Corporation
( or Here: http://www.hellenicnews.com/readnews.html?newsid=5960&lang=US )
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The move has more to do with Antenna forcing all the non-Antenna stations on Dish hard to subscribe to. Unless you subscribed to any of the Antenna packages, you could not get any of the other Greek channels (Mega Cosmos, Alter Globe, ERT-Sat), even though you could get those channel on al-a-carte basis before. Apparently this is a result of the new deal Antenna and Dish signed earlier this year. Mega Cosmos did the obvious thing, leaving Dish when their contract expired on November 30th.

There are a lot of dissatisfied Greek-Americans as a result of this. Mega Cosmos has by far the most entertaining programming compared to Antenna channels. This move probably will not make many of the those viewers switch to DirecTV, but it is reported that DirecTV will expand their Greek language offerings. Alter Globe will be the next one leaving Dish once their contract expires. The are supplied by the same company that distributes Mega Cosmos inthe US. With few months DirecTV will also be offering Alpha International and Star TV from Greece.
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