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By Linda Moss
12/1/2006 2:55:00 PM

DirecTV added Greek-language service MEGA Cosmos to its WorldDirect programming platform, officials said Friday.

The network is the most widely viewed Greek-language channel in the United States for audiences 25-45.

MEGA Cosmos provides 24 hours of news, sports, movies, dramas, serials, game shows and the latest entertainment programming live from Greece. Now available to DirecTV customers for $14.99 per month, the network will deliver popular programming including Fifty-Fifty, Heart to Heart, Witches of Smyrna, Just Before and Wedding Ring.

WorldDirect customers must first subscribe to DirecTV basic for $9.99 per month or any DirecTV base programming package ($29.99 per month or more).

Source: http://www.multichannel.com/article/CA6396645.html
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