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Messed up recordings on HR20-100

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Twice this week, I was watching an MPEG4 recording (while recording it), when the recording when grey. Rebooting did not help. Is this a common 'feature' of the last NR?

Its ok when it happens to my MLB-EI recordings, but when the gymnastics on the olympics get messed up, the WAF peaks at NUCLEAR.

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Its not a dish/alignment issue, as the beginning of the recording is fine, and the same channels are fine on my other HR20-100 and my HR21. Unless one of the ports on the MS is intermittent, this is a software problem.

The first time it was the MLB-EI recording, and the second time was the gymnastics on Sunday night.

I think that if this happens again, I may not be able to stop my wife from calling D* to cancel!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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