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Messed up recordings on HR20-100

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Twice this week, I was watching an MPEG4 recording (while recording it), when the recording when grey. Rebooting did not help. Is this a common 'feature' of the last NR?

Its ok when it happens to my MLB-EI recordings, but when the gymnastics on the olympics get messed up, the WAF peaks at NUCLEAR.

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It may not be common, but I've had it and according to the recent directv repairman who visited, its a known software problem.

It may be related to your dish/lnb/switch or it may be an actual issue.

I only say this because every release seems to have a release note or two on "under the hood improvements", "tuning robustness" and "recording issues". So apparently something or other has been broken at least for some people in some usage models and its been fixed.

Which doesnt mean it doesnt have friends.
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