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net17 said:
I live in an MDU building where an MFH-3 system is being installed today. Does any one know what dish type to select in the setup menu? Thanks for your help.
I currently own and operate several MFH3 systems in the Southeast...there are currently 2 receivers that work on the MFH3 platform - the D11i-100 and the HR20i-100. The D11i-100 you will pick the 3LNB and the HR20i-100 you will pick 5 LNB....depending on your System Operator's setup you might need to add the 72.5 and 95 when you do the setup wizard. Both boxes (if on the R2 code) will auto-detect those dishes on boot-up.

Both boxes have the same setup wizard as retail boxes but typically your SO will do that setup for you....no other receivers will work on the MFH3 system at this time. Both boxes are made by Thomson who is the manufacturer of the MFH3 platform.
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