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MGM-HD Consistant Problems (Encoding..?)

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I've noticed that the past couple of weeks there have been consistent problems with the encoding on the MGM-HD Channel (255). Of course, this channel is part of the 'HD Extra' Pack and can be viewed only by those with that package, and was one of the Ka/Mpeg4 channels added during the DirecTV10 'turn-up' quite a quite ago.

The problems I see, on several systems (H20's, HR20-700's, and HR20-100's, on several different systems including different dish antennas and SWM and non-SWM systems (at the same time, literally), is 'juddering' effects when the transmitted picture is slow or fast panning left to right (or, conversely, right to left), and severe 'pixelization' either at random intervals, or (perhaps) during fast movement (although that's not completely verified; but it's on 'DVR' so I'll be re-looking at it later on).

This is the only channel it appears to be happening, and it's been going on for several days if not weeks. The new Ka/Mpeg4 channels (particularly HD-Net and HD-Net Movies) have shown no problems whatsoever, in fact, I specifically DVR's several movies on the Ku/Mpeg2 feeds prior to the new feeds there, and A/B'ed them with new Ka/Mpeg4 feeds, and the new ones are VERY improved, with no 'wackiness' going on with them.

But, not MGM-HD. Anyone else notice this, particularly tonights showing of 'RED DAWN', the pixelization (partial dropouts) was pretty bad.
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