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Thought I might tell a story of a good install.

I was on the waiting list for the HR20 for a couple weeks and they happened to call when I was home. I set up an install for the AT9 and HR20 for 12-4.
I had been talking to retention who offered me the HR20 for free and would charge me only the 19.99 install fee, but give me a credit for $20 bucks, sweet.

Saturday the installer calls at 8 am and says he is on his way, but...
He noticed I have the 10-250 and he questioned the work order for a H20. He took it upon himself to have an extra HR20 just in case.
He told me I needed to call D* and see if I could get a new work order # because he could not put in the HR20 without it.

I called D* and had to be escalated twice, but found someone willing to read their notes on my account instead of just looking at the work order. He saw I was not lying, apologies and said that he could do the following.
Sell me the HR20 for three payments of 99.66, give me a credit for $250 dollars now and $10 off per month for a year.

Bottom line I got the unit installed for a -$50 dollars
+300+20(install)-250-120 = -$50

I set up the hr20 in the LR and the 10-250 in the bedroom while the installer put up the at9. We took some time to have a cup of coffee and talk. At first the guy was teaching me. He told me I could get 300 hours of SD and 3 hours of HD. I told him it was 30, his answer was, that makes sense, I was taught 3. After that we went over a number of things he knew and things I knew.

It was a great experience and I have a new appreciation of what installers go through. Without his heads up this would be a tale of frustration and anger.

A bonus, I really like the HR20 bugs and all. They will fix it.
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