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Mike Martz is feeling the love

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From ESPN:

Sunday, September 15
Updated: September 16, 3:53 AM ET

Rams 0-2 starts rests on Martz's shoulders

By Adrian Wojnarowski
Special to ESPN.com

ST. LOUIS -- The smug, arrogant act of the St. Louis Rams coach ends now, a self-congratulatory, acid-tongued genius rapidly reduced to a common coaching clown, the red-nosed floppy-shoed folly threatening to topple the Greatest Show on Turf. What deserved to be a dynasty is decaying down by down, game by game. Mike Martz is the lost soul standing on the sidelines.

Every week, it gets worse for Martz. Every week, he slinks deeper and deeper into his own doing. Nobody cares. Nobody feels bad for him. He's brought everything on himself. His stubbornness blew the Super Bowl, his ego and carelessness profoundly costing the Rams this 0-2 start to the season. Yes, it gets worse every day.

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I've never been a big Mike Martz fan. He fits the perfect analogy of smart vs. intelligent. Just because your intelligent doesn't mean your smart and just because your smart doesn't mean your intelligent. Martz seems to fit the later. I don't really think it's ego, it's more of a matter of that his smarts have gotten him this far without any real learning of what it takes to coach.
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