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And now .. a word from a friend ..

Earl Bonovich said:
Hi gang, I am starting to clean out some of my closets (need room for more clothes for my daughter)

I have some of these things which I am not going to use anymore:

PayPal is preferred for all of these.
The prices listed are without shipping, we will work out a shipping cost. If you think the price is too high or too low just give me your best offer on something.

Everything listed was working when last connected

Verizon EVDO EXPRESS-BUS v740 card: $75

PS/2 4-Port KVM: $75
Belkin Omni-Cube: Includes 5 sets of cables (4- 6 foot sets, 1- 10 foot set)
Will work with USB Keyboard/Mouse, just need USB->PS2 adapter

Linksys WAP54G Version 1: $25
With extended range antennas.
This is a fairly older model, but does still work in WEP mode. Great for "mom or dad", or for a Nintendo DS in your home. You can lock it down via MAC and specific ports.

NetGear - FVS114 ProSafe VPN Firewall 8,: $50
This is a VPN Firewall NAT Router, with 4 ports.
You can connect 8 VPN tunels with it. It is 10/100

You can email me directly at: [email protected]

Please Note: I know someone out there will try to ask me about what is going on at DirecTV... So I will ask you not to, and don't be offended when I delete your email. I can't talk, or hint, or discuss anything that is going on.

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