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Missed Recordings

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I had a KEYWORD autorecord setup as the following:

Type: Both
KAM: 3
KU: Disk Full
Start: On Time
Stop: On Time

Tonight there was an episode showing at 7PM, but when I looked at the ToDo list, I didn't see it listed. When I looked at the Prioritizer, this particular episode was NOT selected to record. When I looked in the history, there was absolutely no mention of this episode anywhere.

The only other program set to record at this time was an episode of The Office.

Currently, we have 3 episodes of The Backyardigans in our LIST, but as I understand it, the recorder will continue to record episodes as opposed to what Tivo used to do (stop recording when the KAM limit was reached).

I would at least expect something to show up in history?? Nada..

<rant> this recording is the most frustrating piece of equipment to try and determine why things are not recording - the history is absolutely horrible</rant>

Can anyone offer any help as to why the episode didn't record?

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DrummerBoy523 said:
My only issue with that logic is that the episode showed up in the episodes list of matching shows after I created the search. Why would it show up in the list of matching shows, but not get recorded?
Maybe because the DVR thinks it is a duplicate. A series link will not record "duplicates" - a duplicate is an episode that is already on the disk or has been deleted recently. If you want to record a duplicate you need to select the episdoe and record it individually.
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