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Missing Episodes in Timers

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A startling new experience. With the new TV season upon us, I started to use the mapped down local channel number instead of the 6xxx numbers. Now - randomly - a timer shows no upcoming episodes for a show! Example: I had two timers set for last Wednesday on the local FOX station for Fringe and Bones. They both show in my timers list. However, Bones never recorded! Fringe did. When I look at the timers for next week, Fringe shows an upcoming episode, but Bones is blank even though the Guide clearly shows an episode (but also shows that there is no timer set). So, when I recreate the timer on the same channel, I now have two identical timers in my timer list; one shows the upcoming episode, the other is blank!
Any thoughts? This has happened several times but ONLY on the mapped down local channels. It works fine with all OTA and 6xxx set timers.
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this is getting fairly strange. I think we have a new bug out there, I thought I was going crazy. Let us know if after the nightly reboot, having the duplicate timers still keeps the show scheduled.
Could we merge the two threads on this subject? It looks like the same issue to me.
pmsmith66 said:
Could we merge the two threads on this subject? It looks like the same issue to me.
Yes, we should merge... looks like the "612 Timer/Recording Issues" thread talks to the same problem and this affects more than just the 612 and 622.... (I just left a response with more info there).
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