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kadramma said:
I have a question, anyone using a WD 73734 Mitsubishi HDTV with a VIP 622 and passing the 1080P VOD test?. 622 running 6.13, and HDMI.
Works fine on 1080I, but only get 1080P for about 5 seconds, when renting 10,000 BC VOD, and then shows failure. Other HDTV forums show 73734, with 1080P 24fps working fine with blu-ray players. Specs show HDMI input, 1080P 25hz, 50hz, 60hz for TV. Talked to dish tech line, and was told engineers still working out the bugs
My 73833 worked fine for "10,000 B.C." but you have to answer "Yes" pretty fast after it does the test. It only shows up for a second or two and if you don't click "Yes" in time, it will come up with a message that the says something like "Your TV is not compatible or you did not click in the alloted time." Once you click "Yes", the 1080p movie should work just fine.
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