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MLB 2013 schedule release

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During today's phillies game, MLB and the phillies announced the schedule for 2013.

This year will be different, cause there will be an interleague series all season long.



please note when the schedule loads, it may start with september 2012, if it does, just hit the forward button till you arrive on april 2013, the new games and dates will be shown starting on april 2013, spring training isn't included yet, just regular season.

other teams should be out on mlb.com or your teams site.
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this will be interesting i dont ever reacall during a regular season, playoff yes, but reg no.

the phillies play the redsox 4 straight games, the first 2 in philadelphia the next 2 in boston with no day off or a series against someone else in between.

its like a playoff series 2 home 2 road just in the reg season, very weird.

I noticed were playing all AL central teams and a few al east teams.
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