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MLB alternate channel 214-1 on D* question

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Why is it that we have to remember to turn the channel to the MLB Network Alternate channel of 214 when the game that is shown on 213 is blacked out in our area?

There must be a better way for Direct TV to handle this situation other than searching for the game that is on 213 on another channel (which it doesn't find btw). I am guessing a lot of people don't even bother to check 214 and just assume there is not a game on 213 so they are sol.

Would it kill them to display a message that says - this channel is blacked out please check Mlb alternate channel 214?

How does Dish handle this situation?

PS Sometimes the blackout on 213 is because they are showing a game that is on the local RSN and that means no game on 214 so checking 214 does not always work.
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