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MLB : Angels acquire Mark Teixeira from Braves in a 3 player deal

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With the trading deadline rapidly approaching,the Atlanta Braves agreed to trade Mark Teixeira to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.The Braves will get first baseman Casey Kotchman and Minor League pitcher Stephen Marek in return.More info at the following link.

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I really like Kotchman.. He is a really solid player and I am not sure how this trade is going to pan out for my Angels. Given the stats looks like Teixeira give a bit more in the offensive dept, but at a risk of messing with some excellent chemistry on a team that is rolling along nicely. Hopefully it gives the Angels that little extra to win it all but at this point I am not sure I would have made the move.

I know my wife will be upset about the trade.. Kotchman was one of her favorite players.
I think he will help them win it all this year but he will not be playing there very long. He will be playing in the East next year for either the Orioles (he already said he wants to come home play for the team he loved growing up), Yankees, or Red Sox because they will offer so much money.
Then they should have kept Kochman.. He was definitely capable at the position and it is not like he was not providing any offense. I just had a deja-vu ... I could of swore I typed a thread like this a few years back with a trade that seemed to be one where you gave up long term for something short term.

Would have made more sense if Kochman was not providing a lot less offense than he is. Anyone know if Kochman's contract was expiring?
Ron Barry said:
Anyone know if Kochman's contract was expiring?
According to MLBcontracts.com he was on a one year deal this year.

Casey Kotchman 1b
1 year/$1.45M (2008)

acquired in trade from LA Angels 7/29/08

re-signed 1/18/08 (avoided arbitration)
performance bonuses: $25,000 each for 550, 600 PAs

1 year/$0.3825M (2007), re-signed 2/07

1 year/$0.34M (2006), re-signed 3/06

drafted 2001 (1-13), $2.075M signing bonus
ML service: 2.144
Hmmmm.. Well perhaps not a bad trade then..
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