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Brand new to directv (installed and activated yesterday) and just have a quick question:

If I go online and add MLB EI to my account :

1. Does it affect my contract length?

2. Am I able to cancel it at anytime and if so am I charged a pro-rated rate for the time I had the service or do they charge for the entire rest of the season or by month, etc.

Thank you!

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it will not affect your contract length.

once you add it you will not be able to cancel because it is already in-season. you will have to pay 129 for the remainder of the season. if you call on the phone, you should be able to talk the CSR into giving you superfan for free if you sign up. this will allow you to see the games in HD and also to get the MIX and strike zone channels. otherwise superfan is 50 bucks for the rest of the year. dont add it online. i am assuming you have at least one HD box.
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