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Here are some possibilities:
-Bonds getting #500
-Bonds hitting #71
-Bonds hitting #73
-Rivera choking to lose the world series
-The Indians come back from a 14-2 deficit
-Yankees lose the first two at home at Oakland and come back and win
-When Jeremy Giambi didn't slide
-Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken's last games
-When Bud Selig insisted he threw the first pitch before George W
-When the games returned after September 11th
All Star Game.... Cal Ripken, home run!
Gonzalez, broken bat, blooper off Mariano Rivera during game 7.

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No, Im not really an MLB fan just watch the ocassional game on the supers and watch the WS. I just wanted to see the Yankees lose since they won so many WS series in years past and the Dbacks were a great time for being so young.
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