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MLBEI: Can watch NESN HD, but not record?

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I have MLBEI and Superfan, and live in North Carolina. I normally record the Red Sox games on channel 623, NESN HD. Today the game with the Twins didn't record, with history just saying it had been "cancelled by the user", which is not true.

The game was still on when we discovered this, and I could tune to 623 and watch it just fine. But if I hit the "record" button on the remote, it told me I was not authorized to record it. Eventually I noticed that in the guide, some of the RSNs were in light gray, and some weren't. I could watch all of them, but the light gray ones I couldn't record. The non-grey ones would record.

So I suppose I could record the Red Sox on the 7xx-1 MLBEI channel, but since that channel number changes daily, it's pretty annoying to try to figure out where the &*! game is going to be. Thus I normally just record it from 623. But apparently that's not allowed anymore, since it's one of the "greyed out" channels.

Is this deliberate on DirecTV's part, or just a screwup? And what's up with the idea of letting me watch it live, but not record it, even though I could record it if I bothered to track it down on the 7xx channel? It's annoying, and doesn't make any sense.
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It's probably an issue with the software version. I had that happen a few weeks ago (not on EI). There should be an update coming very soon (the last couple of CEs were NR candidates).
ok, that's interesting, but this worked fine as recently as last week. I don't think an update came down to break it during that time, though you never know. The only thing I can think that did happen was that the unit rebooted a couple times due to power outages (it is on a UPS, but some of these lasted longer than the battery-- North Carolina in the summer time = Thunderstorms! Boom! ;-) ).
FWIW, strangely enough, it works fine today, and I have not gotten the new SW release yet. So who knows...
i was gonna say just try again but u beat me too it....u know what the problem is....gremlins.
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