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Model numbers on receivers

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I get such a kick on how electronic companies come up with model numbers. Dish seems like they have almost completely used up the numerics from 301 to 9000. Where do you think they are going next? Maybe they will start all over again with the Dish 301-XP. :)

Any predictions on how Dish will number future receivers?
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Maybe 666... It would explain why it misses recording shows and reboots while you are watching sporting events... :D
I always liked inlcuding the year as part of the model number, sort of like windows95, windows98. We used to have a tv that was a model 200-1972 or something like that.

I'm sure the overpaid marketing types would point out that we shouldn't emphasize the year of manufacture....
Why did they use 4 digits instead of 3 digits in their model numbers in the first place?
I like the way most major CE manufactures do their model numbers. The higher the model number, the higher end the product.
Back to a sales anecdote....but when I was selling stuff, people were OBSECED with getting the newest one (the freshness factor) When the new model year came out on TVs, even if the TVs were IDENTICAL, people wanted the "freshest" they could get even if they had to pay more. And in a few cases, even if it meant getting a shorter warranty!

As to model numbers, the flashier, the better (at least in most customer's eyes). You never see a "model 1". Ford's Model A was the rare exception, but he jumped right to T later. :)

The most rediculous example was when Word and Word Perfect were battling it out in the word processing market, Word Perfect was up to version 6 and Word was at version 3. People would INSIST that version 6 was better. It may have been, but when asked point blank (by me) why do you think it's better? The answer was "Because it's version 6 and Word is only version 3". No other reason was given. Word jumped from either 3 or 4 right to 7 in one upgrade just to get rid of this IDIOTIC reason why people weren't buying their software.

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Its like the number on the model numbers are a rank for the receiver. I wonder what model numbers they will use on the receivers after the merger or if they could change them if they change the software in one set of receivers to allow the other standard to work like maybe 301DT for 301 DirecTv or 301DN for Dish Network or just leave it 301, for example. Also I wonder if they would use both Dish Network and DirecTv receivers and continue to make them both in which can use either standard.
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