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Modulator output over same RG6 as OTA antenna?

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This may have come up in the past, but I couldn't find it on a quick search.

So, I have a 722 in the family room, and a 622 in the living room. I'm using the old CATV wiring in this house to feed the OTA antenna (for HD OTA) to the DVRs and TV's. I COULD use diplexers to combine it into the satellite run, but that was actually easier for where the antenna is placed...

Now, question -- if I wanted to feed the modulator output of the DVRs to OTHER TVs in the house, can I safely do so over the SAME RG6 cable that the DVRs RECEIVE their OTA signals (using a simple splitter in reverse), or am I asking for feedback loop issues? (I know there's also some risk of broadcasting the DVRs output some short distance, not concerned about that)
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That's exactly how I have it in my house. Works great.
dhclaypool said:
That's exactly how I have it in my house. Works great.
Yep. Me too. I've noticed no loss of OTA signal strength (compared to a dedicated run of coax for OTA) when routing it thru the diplexor and then splitting it off from the diplexor into the DVR's OTA input.

However, if you then want to deliver the modulated TV2 signal and the OTA signal out to your distant TV (TV2), it MIGHT be more troublesome - i.e. interference noticed in that TV2 signal and / or the OTA signal at that distant TV2. I've tried using simple combiners, the super home node and even added low-pass filters and still can't get eliminate the interference. (I only tried this more tedious setup in order to provide backup OTA to our bedroom TV2 so that I can check local weather when awoken by a tornado warning and having temporarily lost the sat. signal.)
http://www.smarthome.com/7717.html - This is what I use. I also combine the TV2 RF output with the OTA signal before it goes into the distribution system.
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