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Monk; Finally

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I can't wait. I'm dying to see the initial interaction with the new shrink.

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And his new house!!
Another fine episode.

The only thing that really bothered me about this episode was the eventual ease with which Monk adapts to his new psychiatrist.

Consider that in real life the actors on the show and close friends of Mr Kamel have had a hard time moving on from his untimely and unexpected passing... then consider Monk is hyper-sensitive and tends to really latch onto "sameness"... I personally would have expected him to need a few episodes and perhaps more than one attempt at a new doctor before settling in.

Most likely they did not want to drag it out because of the real-life effects it would have of the weekly reminder of Stanley Kamel... so I can appreciate the desire to handle it in episode one and move forward. It just bothered me a bit since it seemed that based on previous episodes Monk should have had a much more difficult time adapting.
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I saw it rather weird that the Captain saw smoke coming from a distance and said 'wait a minute, Natelie and Monk are in trouble'.

The ending shot of Mr. Kamel was nice.
My problem was with the disaster his house turned into. Like the Monk we know could really sit on the stairs as plaster and dust were blowing all over him and his house looked like a war zone!! He would have had to be hauled out in a straight jacket. It would have been really funny to see him running around behind the contractors with a shop vac and a mop or broom, etc.
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