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'Monkees' Redo in View
Tuesday July 23 4:04 AM ET

Hey, hey, "The Monkees" may be returning to NBC.

The network is in discussions with the creator of "American Idol" to revive the format, featuring a new American boy band in the roles made famous by Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork. NBC would ready the project for a fall 2003 launch.

Simon Fuller, who also created and managed the Spice Girls ( news - web sites), has secured rights to the "Monkees" concept and name. "The Monkees" also served as inspiration for Fuller's teen band SClub7, a pop group of seven members who starred in their own international TV show, released a number of hit records in the U.K. and even designed their own clothing line.

The updated "Monkees" would include sketch comedy and music elements featuring four handpicked male stars, similar to the original series, which aired on NBC from 1966 to 1968.

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didn't they try to revive the monkees once before????didn't it fall into the black hole of stupid ideas????the only positive thing when this happens is that mickey, davy, and peter have an upswing in sales on their oldies concerts...

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I also remember the last version, I think t was called "The New Monkees"......and it did flop.

In the age of reality TV, you never know. This time it might do well. :shrug:

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A few years a go there wasa misguided specail in which we saw a world in which the original Monkees show had never been cancelled. They spent most of it talking about running out of ideas and reminiscing about Season 19 or whatever.

It is a recycled idea if there ever was one but TV is full of recycled ideas.
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