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At some point Moore's law will have to fail, but Intel continues to amaze me with how fast they are able to reduce the die size..

It happens like clockwork. Every odd year, Intel introduces a new manufacturing process; soon after, it pro-duces desktop CPUs that are far smaller and faster than ever before, proving once again that company co-founder Gordon Moore was dead right: The number of transistors on CPUs doubles every 18 months or so. In 1999, the company introduced its 0.18µ process, a means of building chips whose smallest features are only 0.18 millionths of a meter wide. In 2001, it introduced the 0.13µ process. This week, it announced its new 90-nanometer process, slated for use with mainstream processors by the end of 2003. Surpassing even its name, the process can etch devices into silicon that are only 0.05 millionths of a meter wide.
Its incredible that they are able to work with atoms in the process...

We're stretching the distance between individual atoms in that substrate," says Bohr. "And this makes the electrons move faster."
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