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I tailgate for football games in the fall and would like to temporarily mount my dish to the top of my car. I have a standard definition dish that I normally put on a tripod. I was thinking about removing the legs from the tripod(they are removable) and using the plate to mount on the roof of my SUV. The only issue I have is how to attach it to the roof. Does anyone know if neodymium magnets would be a good option? The base needs to be strong to avoid the dish from falling over during high winds but at the same time I don't want to damage the roof of my car. I am not sure if magnets this strong would damage the paint at all when I remove them. Anybody got any better ideas?


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:welcome_s to dbstalk!

Are you against using the tripod at the games?

If you do use the magnets you could always put a thin layer of fabric in between the magnet and the sheet metal to avoid scratching. But I'd be sure you put it directly over a spot where there's a crossbeam or something to support it underneath the sheet metal. You weren't planning on driving with it attached either, were you?

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neodymium magnets are VERY powerful and would most definitely scratch the car's roof, and also make all of your grilling utensils fly towards your dish :lol:

this is from the United Nuclear Magnets website

Beware - you must think ahead when moving these magnets.

If carrying one into another room, carefully plan the route you will be taking. Sensitive instruments like computers & monitors will be affected in an entire room. Loose metallic objects and other magnets may become airborne and fly at great speed to attach themselves to these magnets. If you get caught in between the two, you can be severely injured. These magnets will crush bones in the blink of an eye.
Two of these magnets close together can create an almost unbelievable magnetic field that can be incredibly dangerous.
Of all the unique items we offer for sale, we consider these items the most dangerous of all. Our normal packing & shipping personnel refuse to package these magnets - our engineers have to do it. This is no joke or exaggeration - and we cannot stress it strongly enough. You must be extremely careful - and know what you're doing with these magnets.
Two Supermagnets can very easily get out of control, crush fingers and instantly break ribs or even your arm if opposing poles fly at each other.
A small child recently lost his hand when his father left two # 31 supermagnets unattended. The child picked one up and when he approached the other magnet on a nearby table,
it became airborne and obliterated his small hand.


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Instead of a tripod, I built a 32" x 24" wood frame to set on top of my 4runner at games. I used 2x4 for 32" length rails and 1x8 cross members. The dish foot is mounted on the 1x8 at one end with dish weight more or less centered over rectangle. I use a pack of wood shims from hardware store to plumb mast quickly as you never know exactly where you're going to park. On windy days you might need some extra weight like sandbags. At one game last year I used two bags of Scott's Turfbuilder that I happened to have, worked.

I have a luggage rack with metal strips across the width of roof. If you need to put it on the paint, you could cut up something like an old bathroom rug and tack it on the underneith of the 2x4s for protection.

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rollisoj said:
Wow, this seems like a really good and easy solution as long as those suction cups hold. Thanks!
Looks like a retrofitted glass handle. If it is, you should have no issue as far as them holding as they are used to move large sheets of glass and windows.
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