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Mounting Location

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I am planning on ordering DirecTV service for my grandparents and need some help with how the dish should be mounted. They are just getting 2 standard SD receivers and they still install the single lnb dishes in my area.

My problem is my grandparents have vinyl siding and they don't want holes drilled in the siding. They also would prefer not to have holes drilled in their roof and last winter a storm partially blew off their roof. I had looked at putting the dish in the fascia board but from reading posts it seems that is a bad idea, or is it really that bad?

If they were to use a pole mount how much extra does directv charge to do that and how do they run it to the house? Do I need to dig a trench for the cable? Thanks for any help.
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Fascia mounting of the round 18" dish can probably be done. Roof mounting isn't a problem as long as the bolt holes are properly sealed. I've had a dish on the roof for better than 10 years without a drop leaking.

Cost for a pole mount can vary, you need to discuss with the installer. You should dig a trench, but not until you know where the pole will be placed.

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