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I'm not sure if this or the Installation thread is the right one, so I'm posting in both. I have a H20 hooked up to a TV in my basement and a D11 hooked up to an HDTV in my bedroom. Since I rarely use the basement set I decided to move the box upstairs. I brought it up, hooked it up, reset it,and it went through the downloading of satellite info, etc., but got a 771 error. I checked the signals and got all 90+, but still no luck. I then remembered that I had forgotten to bring up the B band converter, so I got it, hooked it up, reset the box, but got the same response. I called customer service and we went through resetting, unplugging, checking the signal, etc., but no luck. I then figured that the only other thing different was the cable between the wall and the box, so I went downstairs, got the one I used there, hooked it up, reset it, but same thing. All of the other TVs work, and on this one I got the banner on each channel and the guide, but no picture and the continuous 771 message. I also didn't connect the box to a phone line when I brought it upstairs, but I can't imagine that would make a difference. I don't know if this matters, but I have a Slimline 3 dish and a HD-DVR (HR22, I think) in another room. Also, I have a Zinwell wb68 multi-switcher. Any thoughts?

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