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Movers Connection Install with SWM-8 Success!

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This past Thursday (should have been Wednesday) I had my local HSP (Ironwood) come out to to a Movers Connection Install.

Two of them showed up - one a DirecTV installer for 7 months. The other came from te HSP for Dish and had just left. I felt OK with these two since I already had 4 lines of RG6 ran from where I wanted the dish located to my 'smartbox' a few days before.

As soon as they came in I realized why I kept getting the run around about actually getting someone out here to install.

"So, you're the install with 5 DVR's huh?"

"Yes - this should be pretty easy. I've already ran the RG6 so all you need to do is mount the dish and I only need 1 line in each room"

"Sorry, but all DVRs require 2 lines to the receiver"

"Not a problem, we'll use the SWM and I only need 1 tuner in the older DVRs"

"Sorry bud, DirecTV didn't OK SWM and the TiVo units NEED 2 lines"

"I have a SWM-8 that we can use and the older units just need 1 line if I only want to use 1 tuner"

At that point I showed him the SWM-8, the power inverter to which he let me know that "DirecTV's only shown us pictures of these". HOWEVER, and this is where I give Ironwood a little credit - he called his supervisor who had just relocated here from So. Cal and had some SWM experience. Even though I explained earlier EXACTLY how to hook the SWM he talked to his boss for about 30 minutes and then said "Yep - I should be able to do this"

About 2 hours later everything was done. Both HR21's booted up without an issue and work with the SWM - as do the legacy receivers (1 HR10, 1 R10, 1 DSR6000) work of the legacy ports.

Once the installer realized how easy it was he got almost giddy that any of these installs that use the SWM will be really easy.

One thing I really like is that the only thing on the outside of my house is the actual dish and the 2 pairs of dual RG6. The SWM-8 is located in my smartbox that also runs to the rest of my house and after I put the panel on the box, you'd never know it was there.

Glad I bought the SWM-8 (yay SolidSignal) and that I had an installer that was willing to learn (and suprisingly, work with customer supplied DirecTV equipment)
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Congrats, nice to hear about installers going the extra mile.
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